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  1. One-off price - NO annual license fees, memberships or subscriptions required!
  2. Certified barcode numbers
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  4. Indonesia and worldwide retailer compatibility
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  6. Part of the International Barcode Network

Barcode Numbers

Our barcode numbers for Indonesia come from the same source as GS1 numbers and can be used in Indonesia and worldwide in the vast majority of stores.

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The Barcodes Indonesia difference

When you buy retail barcodes from us, you can be confident that:

  • they are legitimate & legal numbers
  • they will be owned by you
  • they will scan well (when printed on your product)
  • retailers will accept them
  • these numbers aren’t being used on any other retail products worldwide

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HUGE discounts on barcode packages!

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Barcode Registration

Increase the web visibility of your product by using our barcode registration service, included free with barcode orders.

We register your barcode and product information on major internet databases. This ensures your product information appears when your barcode is scanned by app scanners.

The International Barcodes Network

Barcodes Indonesia is a member of The International Barcodes Network.

This network has sold barcodes to over 13,000 clients in over 100 countries. They have international expertise and 10+ years experience in the barcode industry.

Our barcodes are obtained through The International Barcodes Network. This means that they are accepted by more retailers internationally than any other alternative barcode supplier.

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About Us

Barcodes Indonesia provides low cost, certified barcodes and barcode packages to businesses in Indonesia for a one-off cost.

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