PT. Nayue Kosmetik Indonesia has been growing excessively for the past 5 years. Now as a Parent Company, we have managed to expand the internal source, capacity and market by having subsidiaries. The growth itself is supported majorly by the highly growth of Beauty Global Market.

Focusing in OEM & ODM beauty products such as make up, skin care and personal care products for private labels in global market, Nayue continously creating innovation to make sure customers have new things to offer in the market. Hence, innovation provided by the experts are assessed in 3 aspects such as product safety, function, and cost to ensure not only that the products are innovative, but also competitive in price. In order to fulfil customers’ need, Nayue expands in many area such as growth in its Research and Development team and ensures high standard in Quality Assurance and Control to provide products with best quality.

We asked Nayue why they chose to use Barcodes Indonesia (

Dari mana Anda mendengar tentang

Internet (Google Search)

Mengapa Anda memilih membeli dari

singkat padat jelas

Dalam penggunaan nomor barcode, bagaimana cara aplikasinya pada desain kemasan ?

Langsung dicetak pada desain kemasan produk dari awal mula

Dimana produk Anda akan dipasarkan ? 


Apakah ada kendala dalam penggunaan barcode ? Jika iya, Apakah Customer Service kami mampu menyelesaikan masalah tersebut ?

belum ada sofar

Dari skala 1 – 5, Bagaimana kepuasan Anda untuk pelayanan Customer Service kami (Whatsapp / Telp) ? 

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